Thursday, February 13, 2014

Giona - Greece

The consecutive travel to Greece was the central part with the idea to go south to Peloponnese. We had to start with the mountain Giona and its highest peak Piramida. (The last one on the right on the picture.) 
The distance was 600 km on the highway to Athens and the driving was nerve-racking with the speed restriction of 50 km.

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Fortunately we did well with the orientation. Over the village Kaloskopi (the point of departure) we carried on driving until we found a good place for camping with drinking water nearby and so we saved about 6 km of walking.
The next morning we woke up with a beautiful red sunrise and a clear blue sky, but only exactly in ten minutes all changed and became dark and half an hour later started to rain.
After having climbed the steep hills Piramida showed up gorgeously.
  Looking up from the valley, it didn't seem that the rock is standing 700 m above us, but it was so.

The path led us to a saddle east of the peak. A hut was seen bellow us. In the distance the sea bays.  
During the whole walking the weather was not stable and just about to start raining, but we got away with it. From the peak we looked over the near mountains, including Vardusia, which was our aim for the next day.

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