Thursday, February 27, 2014

Maja e Jezerces

We left one dark, rainy Saturday after work in the end of September. The first day we slept in a cornfield near Kruchevatz, that we have marked beforehand.

Next day, late in the afternoon we reached the village Vusanje, which seemed more as villa zone. It is situated near the border with Albania. We knew that there was a border post, where we had to register and leave the cars for more security. But it turned out that the border post was abandoned. We talked to people that we met and they assured us that it is safe to leave the cars here. But then a man showed us a house and said: "Open the door and get the car in the yard. No problem." This sounded strange to us.

We moved on a unpaved road after the end of the village to the next border post transformed in a shieling.

There we arrived before dark. Afterwards we had to walk 400 meters up to the lake Buni Jezerce where we considered to camp. It was amazing walking in the dark among the black silhouettes of the sharp cusps hanging over us and disappearing in the night. We pitched our tents at the upper lake which was almost empty.

Next day the weather was fine. We hid our backpacks among the rocks and left for Maja e Jezerce.

Climbing the peak was not difficult but unpleasant at places where we had to pass steep screes especially when ending with vertical cliffs.

We reached the peak and went down to Vusanje of course with couple of hours walking in the dark.

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GPS walking track
Track log of the car path

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  1. very good information and amazing exploring!greetings from Bucarest,Romania!