Thursday, February 27, 2014

Italy 2012 (first and second day)

The first day of our trip as usually we got to the camping Aquileia. It was 2012-08-18.

The second day, in spite of the driving, we had planned a visit to the museum of Reinhold Messner - the one in the Dolomiti - an interesting and panoramic place (600meters denivelation from the parking to the top where was situated the museum).

Then we drove on to Canazei, where should start our climbing part of the program. There was no free places in the first camping. Probably there was an event in town, as it was full of people and tourists and the traffic was heavy. We stayed at this camping. It was a good place with a lot of extras but the price was also good (we had to pay 18 euros for each one of us but they made a discount and we payed 15 euros).

The pictures on both days 
Track log of the path of the car

Track from the parking to the museum

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