Friday, January 31, 2014

Popina Laka - Mozgovitsa - Tevno Ezero (Bulgaria)

We left from Sofia Friday evening after work and arrived at Popina Laka at around 11. We slept at a guest house "Goran". The same evening Dontcho (the hut manager of Spano Pole) and Ivan (the hut manager of Tevno Ezero) appeared. They warned us not to go along the river Mozgovishka, but to follow the snowy trail made by the sleds through Begovitsa.
 The next morning we left early. At the beginning we walked without  snowshoes, but little by little we started to sink in the snow - there were no trails, the snow was melting and the path was not visible.
Having crossed the path from Begovitsa to Spano Pole it was easier to walk but not much.
Going out of the forest we felt more comfortable. The snow was clumped and we went on easily.
With every step on, amazing panoramas showed up.
We heard and saw an avalanche falling under the furrow of Kamenishka Kukla but I didn't have time to take out my camera and make a clip.
We arrived at Tevno Ezero half an hour before dark.
Just time for a beer and taking pictures of the sunset from the nearest edge.
The next day we went down through Begovishki Preval and Begovitsa hut.
At Dakov bridge we met a group from Sandanski.
In general nice mountain, nice weather, nice people, everything was perfect :-).


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