Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trite Tchuki and Kopren in winter (Bulgaria)

The initial plan that we made with Slaveiko was to go to peak Midjur and sleep at hut Gorski Rai. The last moment it turned out that the hut is closed due to the snow and we had to change the plan. Georgi suggested Kopren, Toni added Trite Tchuki and warned us that it's not safe to climb them in winter.
So the Saturday we traveled, then we visited a restaurant and later on we spent some time in searching a cave above Beli Mel which we didn't find anyway.
Sunday morning we got up early and took off. The weather was perfect. The snow was good for walking with snowshoes.  
At the beginning we walked northwest on the road to Tchiprovtsi.
Then we diverted west and aimed a safe rib on the ridge.

As we got on the top of the ridge we carried on to the most spectacular part of the route- the edges of Trite Tchuki.
And here is the sharpest one.
We realized that descending the icy and steep hill was much harder than passing the edges on the top.

A map of the route:

The rest of the photos

GPS track

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